Sligo Economic Forum

Sligo Economic Forum (SEF) was established in 2016 with a high-level strategic remit to support and boost the ability of Sligo’s economic partners to be the lead drivers in all matters of economic development for the county.

It consists of representatives from both private and public sectors, tasked with the responsibility of strategically planning and directing the economic vision for Sligo.

SEF acts as a primary driver in executing the outputs of the Atlantic Economic Corridor (AEC). Sligo’s AEC Officer provides quarterly updates to members allowing the forum to monitor progress, while also taking more specific responsibility in acting as the steering group for the implementation of actions outlined by the AEC Enterprise Subgroup.

SEF is currently finalising an Action Plan for Growth and Investment to further the economic, social and cultural development of the county. With stakeholder representation in both private and public enterprise, it is working to secure new investment in Sligo for infrastructure, overseas investment, business, education and community facilities. It exemplifies best practice in adopting a collaborative approach to economic development.

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