Next Steps

The AEC Officer Network (AECO) has established a new committee structure whereby one AEC Officer will hold the position of Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson for a 12-month period.

Mary Wrafter of Mayo County Council is Chairperson until July 2020, with Jennifer Collins of Clare County Council as Vice-Chairperson. The role of secretary will remain shared among officers and a rotational system has been adopted. With officers located across all the counties of the AEC, the network will host virtual meetings where possible, in order to reduce travel time, reduce our carbon footprint, and improve the overall efficiency of the way in which the AEC operates.

The Enterprise Space Collector App will ‘go-live’ in Autumn 2019, with information on vacant enterprise space in 30 towns to be collected before September 2019.

The portal allows web searching by AEC (full region and by county), property type, property category and size (m2). The second phase will include the development of a dashboard (Q1 2020) for use by internal AEC stakeholders (Local Authorities, State Agencies, Regional Development Agencies, LEOs, Chambers of Commerce) as well as external interested parties.

The development of the AEC brand and shared content creation network along the West Coast will continue, and an AEC Communications and Branding Strategy will be developed.

An upgrade of the Atlantic Economic Corridor website will take place in Q3 and Q4 2019. A review will include the visual aspects of the website, including layout, format and style, as well as a full review of the content for each county and section of the website to ensure a geographical balance is obtained and increase the number of visitors. A review of communications, including the newsletter, social media and promotional material will take place in Q3 and Q4.

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