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Next Steps

The AEC Officer Network (AECO) has established a new committee structure whereby one AEC Officer will hold the position of Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson for a 12-month period.

AEC Infrastructure Update

A key task for the AEC infrastructure strategy is to identify the factors that will shape the economic, social, political and environmental quality of our region. To achieve this, we need to identify critical relationships between overarching government plans, the current and future economy of the AEC and the environment.

Sligo Economic Forum

Sligo Economic Forum (SEF) was established in 2016 with a high-level strategic remit to support and boost the ability of Sligo’s economic partners to be the lead drivers in all matters of economic development for the county.

Boyle 2040

Roscommon County Council through its Town Centre Planning Unit worked extensively with the Boyle Town Team to develop a unique set of town centre rejuvenation plans (Boyle 2040) which were referenced in the Ireland 2040 National Development Planning Framework.

AEC Collector App

One of the core objectives of the AEC Enterprise Working Group is to develop a practical approach to the re-purposing and development of property solutions for businesses in the Corridor.


Collaboration with neighboring counties is nothing new for Leitrim County Council. In 2013, Leitrim and its partners established the Upper Shannon Erne Future Economy project (USEFE).

Invest In Kerry

With a base of 13 FDI companies employing 2,000 people, Kerry continues to be an attractive location in which to do business and develop enterprise.