AEC Collector App

One of the core objectives of the AEC Enterprise Working Group is to develop a practical approach to the re-purposing and development of property solutions for businesses in the Corridor.

To this end an audit of available enterprise spaces, including industrial properties, office spaces and sites for development, was conducted in the pilot towns of Ennis & Sligo.

Following on from the findings, and prior to the audit being rolled out in the other key towns along the corridor, the need for a standardised schema and database was acknowledged. On foot of this Peter Hynes, CE Mayo County Council and Chairman of the AEC Enterprise Working Group, took on the responsibility of developing and testing a template database and a collection app.

“Ultimately the result will be one standardised schema and methodology for collection of AEC data, which will feed into a ‘National’ dataset, to be used for the purpose of attracting economic development in the AEC Area”.

Under the guidance of Mary Wrafter, Mayo AEC Officer, the Collector App, utilising ArcGIS OnLine’s functionality along with the suite of mobile data collection apps on offer with this platform, was developed in-house and was rolled out to the AEC Officers in the nine AEC counties. The schemas developed were loosely based on the word documents supplied by the consultants, Shannon International Development Consultants who had previously carried out audits in the pilot towns of Ennis and Sligo. Following the successful development of the App, MCC also developed the AEC Available Enterprise Spaces Portal which is now being tested. This portal allows interested parties, worldwide, to search the AEC data base and map for available enterprise spaces by property type, category, size, county, town and all AEC area. The next phase will be the development of a dashboard.

To date, data has been collected on over 275 vacant enterprise spaces in the nine pilot towns with populations greater than 2,000. By the end of Q3, information will be collected on 30 towns in the region giving a comprehensive view of available industrial enterprise spaces for start-ups, growing companies or those wishing to relocate to the AEC region.

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