A Wild Atlantic Creation fit for a US President

Sligo jeweller Martina Hamilton’s pieces are inspired by the sea

The Atlantic has inspired many of the world’s finest creators including Sligo award-winning jeweller and goldsmith, Martina Hamilton.

A county of “extraordinary beauty and wealth” is how Martina describes Sligo and it’s clear to see the two are a perfect fit.

That’s because her designs are inspired by the wonderful, ever-changing Atlantic coastal landscape she calls home and by her ancestors who were once surrounded by its active shores on Dernish Island off the north west coast.

Her love of the sea is perhaps most evident in her latest Shore Collection which features imprints in the sand from the tide, periwinkles on rocks, and oysters and pearls.

Well-known gardener and RTE presenter Leonie Cornelius is Martina’s official brand ambassador, illustrating the reach of Atlantic corridor companies far and wide.

Martina said: “I grew up in Lissadell and it’s amazing to see how it has continued to resonate with me. I grew up by the water and going to the beach all the time and I don’t know why it happened that the Atlantic’s inspiration came out through my work, but it’s something that has great meaning inside my gallery.”

She added: “The support that I have received over my career has been through friends and through people with common connections. But I firmly believe that working in groups ultimately ends up being better for everyone involved. Sharing always comes back to you.”

Martina’s collections can be found at her shop The Cat and the Moon in Sligo town, as well as part of Arnotts’ Irish Jewellery Collection, Avoca Stores, Designyard, House of Ireland, Kilkenny Design, Kilkenny Shop and Steensons of Belfast.

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