A unique taste absorbed from a unique Atlantic climate

Clare woman, Louise McGuane, said goodbye to a life of travel to found her own whiskey business along the Atlantic Corridor.

Her career has taken her all over the world, but neither the bright lights of New York nor the romance of Paris could dwindle her dreams of opening her very own whiskey business ideally positioned along the Atlantic corridor.

Located on the McGuane family farm in Kilrush, Co. Clare, Chapel Gate Whiskey is less than a mile away from the sea and enjoying a microclimate that founder Louise, a self-proclaimed farmer’s daughter, describes as “unique”.

The distinctness of the region results in an whiskey tasting experience brimming in individuality, although Louise concedes it may not be ideal for a biking holiday.

This is just a minor consequence of the business’ special location which has a lasting impact on the maturation of its whiskey.

Louise says: “The majority of a whiskey’s flavour actually comes from the barrel it’s aged in, and the region where that barrel is stored has a huge impact.

“It takes a few years to really know how the style turns out, but I am willing to bet that this climate we have along the west coast will have a big impact on our whiskey and on our business.”

Business is already soaring for the Clare distillery both nationally and internationally.

Louise credits businesses within the Atlantic region for contributing to this, for instance there are numerous establishments that now sell the product.

But the company’s reach stretches farther with Germany in particular being a favoured destination.

As Louise explains herself, a global revival in popularity of whiskey has helped.

“Irish whiskey is geographically a protected brand,” she says, “and there has been a massive resurgence in its interest.

“What I’m hoping to do is use this to develop and build a regional brand.”

The Atlantic corridor has proved to be a successful and unique building block towards Chapel Gate Whiskey’s label, and with plans to export more internationally, the region is reaping the rewards.

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