A building block to success

Collaborative workspace provides both bliss of modern offices and thrill of Sligo adventure.

Quality of life; work-life balance; short commutes.

These are just a few things on a long list of benefits enjoyed by people who work along the Atlantic Corridor.

The workforce available up and down the west coast means the region is thriving – with limitless potential
An example of this talented workforce is perhaps best seen at The Building Block in Sligo town which offers state-of-the-art co-working rental offices and connected, productive spaces.

Those who work within the building come from countries including Ireland, Sweden, Canada, the US and South Korea.

For them, Sligo, which is the embodiment of Wild Atlantic adventure, is not only an ideal location to work, it’s pretty fun too.

Denise Rushe, co-founder of The Building Block, says: “Sligo is an urban location but it also has beautiful landscape and opportunities for adventure. It’s hard to find that anywhere else.

“People who work at The Building Block are able to make the most of a small city that has a large community, and for a lot of these people, they are coming home to where they grew up which is very important.”

The Atlantic corridor also produces top quality graduates from third level institutes like IT Sligo.

Denise praises their contribution to the local workforce, as many are now interning or are employed by companies within The Building Block.

“They bring new ideas and approaches to projects,” she said. “It’s certainly advantageous and we are lucky to have that relationship with IT Sligo.”

The Building Block also provides a close-knit community for companies and remote workers who benefit from its high-speed broadband, high-spec meeting rooms and a joyful, motivating interior.

“It’s particularly beneficial to smaller companies,” she stated. “They can share resources and even share problems. A problem shared is a problem halved.”

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